Scholarship Donation Information Form

Donations to scholarships may generally be made directly to the New Haven Schools Foundation through normal channels. However,  we ask that you complete this form for us if your scholarship funds will be coming to us in a complicated, delayed, or indirect manner.

The New Haven Schools Foundation will accept donations to be directed to a specific scholarship offered through our own program. Donors often prefer to make a large donation through a nonprofit, and some corporate-giving programs will only match donations made to a nonprofit.  Other donors raise funds through social media or crowdfunding applications, and those donations reach us without identifying information at some future date.

This is often a complicated process, so NHSF will facilitate these donations provided we receive all the information we need to ensure these donations go to the scholarship you intend, prior to receiving the funds. Please submit the form below so we can track your donations. (Unidentified donations are used wherever they are needed the most.)

Thank you for supporting our students and our schools.