Sample Selection Criteria

How to set qualifications

Uncertain what qualifications you should require of scholarship applicants?

Here are some examples of the types of criteria you may wish to consider. Note that all of these questions can be answered objectively. In addition to the measurable criteria for each specific scholarship, all students are required to write an essay that tells sponsors more of their story.

  • Must plan to attend a two or four year college or university.
  • Major in __________ or a related field.
  • GPA of _____ or better.
  • Participated in the Logan High School ___________ (band, drama, track & field, etc.) program.
  • Must have _____ number of community service hours.
  • Must be planning a career in ___________.
  • Must have a financial or economic need.
  • Student must attend _________ school. (If you wish to limit your scholarship to a particular NHUSD school or program.)
  • Has overcome a significant family, academic, or emotional hardship. (Include a brief paragraph description of the hardship.)

Generally, four to six criteria are enough to ask students to meet.

NHUSD Employees

You can conveniently contribute to scholarships, grants and other Foundation programs by payroll deduction. Donations are tax-deductible and may be directed to one or more of the specific programs. Even small donations add up and make a difference for our students!

Send the completed form to the Payroll Department at the ESC.