Use this form to establish a new scholarship for a graduating student in New Haven Unified School District.

  • Enter the total dollar amount of the scholarship(s) you wish to offer. You may enter special instructions in the comment field below. If you wish to provide multiple scholarships, enter the total amount of funding, and note the details in the "Special Instructions" field below.
  • How should the scholarship be listed in our records? Examples: John Smith Memorial Scholarship, Company A Scholarship, New Haven Teacher's Association Scholarship, Lions Club Scholarship.
  • You may enter up to six selection criteria.

    See examples of qualifications.

    We strongly recommend using objective criteria, as those types of qualifications work well with our AwardSpring scholarship system. If you aren't sure how to make your criteria objective, just enter your thoughts and we will assist.
    If not specified on this form, scholarship recipients will be selected by the Foundation board.
    The selection process must be impartial. If any reviewer has a close personal relationship with an applicant, that person must abstain from the review process for that year. This may happen on occasion, and Foundation board members would be happy to assist you with the review process.
    Payment in full is due prior to the announcement of scholarships to the students around January of each year. If you wish to pay by credit card, you may do so here. Cut and paste this link:
  • Main Contact Information

    Complete this section with information about the main contact person for this scholarship.
  • Please enter any special instructions or comments about your scholarship(s).

You may submit the form online, or send it to the Foundation by mail, email, or fax.

Scholarships will be announced and offered to students early in the year. Payment for your scholarship must be received by the date of the announcement to be included. Deadlines will be published each school year when the timeline is established.

If paying by check, please state the name of your scholarship on your check and mail it to:

New Haven Schools Foundation
P.O. Box 1574
Union City, CA 94587