2023 Project Grants

$104,883 funded for classroom innovations, enrichment programs, STEM, and literacy.

SchoolTeacherProgram NameSummaryTotal Funded
AlvaradoJessica SmithCommunication TechnologyTechnical communication skills for special needs students. iPads & Go-Talk devices for speech; cases and stands. $ 8,051.00
AlvaradoJulie CatancioSTEM Garden MuralSTEM-themed murals for the school garden area walls. Paint each planter box with art and inspirational quotes. $ 2,000.00
AlvaradoRachel SaucedoSpeak Your Truth - Poetry, Spoken Word, Rhyme Writing ClubFunding for a club for students who enjoy poetry, writing, etc. PA system, composition books, pens, t-shirts. $ 1,000.00
AlvaradoNahida Feroz36 Equitable ClassroomsCultural and emotional diversity classroom kits. Multicultural books, self-regulating tools, carpets, stuffed animals, headphones, etc.$ 9,000.00
AlvaradoMaureen TecsonKick Art Your Day!Supplies for classroom art and creativity projects to develop a passion for art in young students. $ 487.98
AlvaradoGabriela McKearinHelp Us FocusHelp Pre-school students in moderate/severe special ed classes to learn to sit and pay attention. Room dividers; toddler desk converter device. $ 795.59
AlvaradoEmilyn LearySpeed into STEM with RoboticsIndi Classroom Kit to build 10 robots. Fundamentals in coding and robotics for TK-grade 5. $ 2,000.00
CCHSMary DiazProject PeriodSupplies to provide an on-campus resource for menstrual supplies, reducing trips home by students for emergencies. $ 1,000.00
CCHSNicole TanciocoCritical Media Literacy and Children's BooksHS students write and design a children's book on Canva to present to younger student. Covers cost of self-publishing the books. $ 1,300.00
CCHSNicole TanciocoSenior SuccessGraduation regalia. Caps and gowns for disadvantaged students. Craft supplies to personalize caps. Food and costs of senior week activities. $ 1,775.00
CCHSRenee WhitworthPoetry and Narrative Writing Book ProposalSelf-publishing costs for student-authored writing projects. $ 250.00
CCHSMartha UtleyCCHS Chess ClubChess sets and digital chess timing clock and tournament prizes for chess club. $ 397.80
CCHSLilia ReynosoSchool Umbrella PaintingsPaint and supplies for mural art project to be painted by students on the metal umbrellas over outdoor campus tables. $ 1,100.00
CCHSNicole TanciocoConley EventsFood for Finals BBQs to be cooked by culinary class. Pizza and salad for Back to School Night. Utensils for gratitude potluck. $ 1,700.00
CCHSNicole TanciocoConley Caraballo Activities$100/mo incidental expenses for monthly campus activities focused on post-covid, post-Logan community-building. $ 1,000.00
CCHSNicole TanciocoSocial Justice Novel SetsProvide enough classroom copies of two multicultural lit novels so each student in the class has an individual copy to read. $ 685.00
CCHSNicole TanciocoCollege and Career Fair Career focused sessions with guest speakers visiting classrooms. Motivational speaker fee. ($500) Food for panelists. Thank you cards and gift cards. $ 1,000.00
CCHSNicole Tancioco College and Career Fair Field TripTransportation costs for campus visits to Chabot, Laney, Ohlone, and Nelson Mandela skills training program. $ 650.50
CCHSKira MillerSpecial Education Classroom SuppliesAccess to educational support for special needs students on IEP. Fidgets. Therabands, Pencils. Math supplies, like compasses, protractors, and calculators. $ 300.00
CCHSKira MillerAlternative Education - College Transition BindersPreparation for educational future by organizing work as students transition beyond HS. Binders, file folders, writing instruments. $ 161.36
CCHSJessica GonzalezCCHS SewsAdd embroidery machine to student Sewing Club. Introduces a technical element for students considering a career in fashion. Embroidery supplies. $ 1,500.00
CCHSMaricela ReynosoAztec DancingMusical instruments to create the foundation for a traditional Aztec dance group at alternative high school. Drums, rattles, ayoyotes.
Helen Kennedy:
Music grant
$ 5,000.00
CCHSMartha UtleyCCHS Library Book GrantDrop Everything and Read program improves literacy and enjoyment of reading for students in alternative HS program. 80 library books. $ 2,000.00
CCHSVeronica CastaldiCCHS Garden ClubSoil, seeds, and plant food for the school garden project. Fruits and vegetables grown on campus while learning scientific principals. $ 382.06
CCHSFernando BuchnerWarriors on WheelsPurchase bicycles for PE program, along with helmets and maintenance materials. Replaces outside service that is no longer available. $ 5,000.00
CCMSJessyka CabralesProject Enrichment Create5-week ceramic art project where students design and create ceramic bowls. Creative expression $ 940.00
CCMSAlisha ValineFor the Love of Library BooksMaterials to allow librarians to classify and incorporate donated books into school library. Covers, labels, tape, glue, stickers, etc. $ 3,000.00
CCMSCaitlin PenneyHolocaust Literature CirclesA variety of titles for middle school literature Holocaust module. Adds Spanish version of Diary of Anne Frank and several newer titles in English. $ 640.00
DSIS / PLAErin CrossWellness Center Yoga Yoga mats, blocks, and other supplies for student relaxation space. $ 259.95
DSIS / PLATove FoxDSIS / PLA Wellness CenterCreate a center where remote learning students K-12 can come once a week to meet with teachers and participate in a school environment. Art supplies, puzzles, activities for casual use. $ 1,500.00
DSIS / PLAZoya ZilbermanDSIS / PLA Photo DayProvide free photo experience and keepsake for independent study students. Senior photos. Yearbooks for needy students. $ 969.00
EastinJoe ReyesVideo Production 211Video production skills training to improve communication via engaging media. Video cameras, SD cards, memory sticks. $ 500.00
EastinPaul NayEastin Students Walk Through the American RevolutionHistorical reenactment where students portray key figures from the American Revolution and experience history live. Docent fees and program supplies. $ 1,410.00
EastinJennifer FreemanEastin Students Walk Through CaliforniaCalifornia history re-enactment. Docent fees and learning materials from California Weekly Explorers. $ 1,360.00
EastinLaura CoxPicture Books for Social and Emotional LearningA selection of library book titles to help very young students manage their need for emotional support. $ 709.90
EastinRamona SosaiPad for LearningiPads and assistive technology applications for moderate/severe special needs students. Custom learning, augmented communication, and increased independence. $ 3,177.67
EmanueleSara MaesSet the Stage to Engage - Glow GamesSupplies for glow-in-the-dark learning tools and games for TK students. Develop academic and social skills, collaboration and problem-solving. $ 228.00
EmanueleDandan LiuSavor the Flavors of LanguageMandarin immersion program cooking project for cultural and language learning. Food supplies, cooking utensils, stove/oven. $ 900.00
ESCZetha NoblesEquity Access and Achievement / District Kwanzaa celebrationSponsor catering of light refreshments at the December 2024 NHUSD celebration. $ 500.00
Hillview CrestTracee PembletonNovel Effect "Read Aloud" SubscriptionSubscription cost for Novel Effect Educator Plan for 7 teacher-librarians. Provides audio enhancements to the listening experience to better engage students in stories. $ 310.02
Hillview CrestKatelin ChiarellaPower to Our VoicesBluetooth microphone and speaker for use in an outdoor poetry slam. Students will recite poems they admire by diverse authors, or share their own poems. $ 313.36
Hillview CrestNorma PedersonPlay to LearnDevelop social and English language skills. Props and costumes for TK students for imaginative and dramatic play activities. $ 888.92
IVCMSAmanda KairysRecreational Piano Keyboard InstructionMusical instruments / keyboards for music appreciation classes in grades 7 and 8. Headphones, splitters, adapters. $ 1,800.00
IVCMSBriana MillerSpecial Olympics SupportTeam bench area supplies for special ed athletes for use during Special Olympics events. Canopy, bench, table, team banner, snacks. $ 700.00
IVCMSMara Loth and Maria Valadez-SantoyoIVC Wellness CenterA place for students to relax and practice coping mechanisms to help students refocus and talk with a counselor. 2 massage chairs for relaxation. $ 2,000.00
JLHSJustin KurupJLHS Forensics Needs a ChampionEnable disadvantaged Forensics students to travel with the team and compete in national tournaments. $ 5,000.00
JLHSJeremy VitugCritical Living Skills - Colt Brew 2023-24Independent living and vocational skills training for special needs students. Coffee cups, supplies, lids, labels, cabinet. $ 3,056.53
JLHSTomas MijaresPuente Service LearningMaterials for service learning volunteer workshop for Puente students at Larry Orozco Teen Workshop. $ 400.00
JLHSJohnny LamTripping Network SocialTranspersonal psychology event for student mental health event to support socioemotional skills. Food, photo booth, sound, event supplies. $ 2,000.00
JLHSDharini RasiahAudio Visual Projects in the CommunityFile storage, hard drive and other devices for use by student videographers while learning pro filmmaking techniques at community events. $ 1,183.68
JLHSAmy GuastavinoATEP CaféVocational and functional skills for special education students. Student-run café teaches order taking, cooking, and food delivery. Refrigerator, table. Chairs. $ 539.00
JLHSAngela KaramianRembrance Dioramas / NichosMulticultural art project where students create personal dioramas for the Day of the Dead celebration, honoring someone or recreating a memory. $ 433.59
JLHSErin McShaneGeneral Choir Program SupportProvide sheet music and costumes for Spring Break concert for choir program. $ 400.00
JLHSLiz MiljasEl arte en la claseCreative expression inspired by a Spanish-speaking artist, broadening perspectives. Paint, brushes, paper, and other supplies for student artwork. $ 370.00
JLHSVida StoeberBooks for Filipino Classroom10 books of traditional Filipino folktales and stories in Tagalog and English to introduce reading in a foreign language. $ 200.00
KitayamaFatima AshuftaStudent Equity Council LeadersCollection of books celebrating diverse cultures of elementary school students and use art to spread ideas. $ 850.00
KitayamaJennifer Ravera"Way Cool" Keyboarding at KitayamaSheet music books to teach elementary students to read music and play piano. To be used in the existing keyboard lab. $ 1,425.33
KitayamaBetty SilvaRead NaturallyTape recorders and other supplies for after-school program to develop reading skills in struggling students. $ 500.00
PioneerBranessa KunitzPioneers Walk Through California HistoryCalifornia history re-enactment. Docent fees and learning materials from California Weekly Explorers. $ 1,770.00
PioneerAmy KruschkeSuper Sensory Room for Little LearnersSupport learning skills and self-regulation of TK-grade 1 students through sensory experiences in a safe environment. List of classroom items provided to extend supplies funded in a prior year. $ 1,344.49
PioneerJames MaloneClassroom HeadphonesSet of classroom headphones for students to use while reading out loud, learning a language, or listening to media. $ 2,205.00
PioneerChris MayerPioneers Walk Through the American RevolutionHistorical reenactment where students portray key figures from the American Revolution and experience history live. Docent fees and program supplies. $ 1,410.00
PioneerNancy SantiagoCulturally Responsive Classroom LibraryBooks for K-grade 2 classrooms. Teach respect for diversity with culturally responsive titles. 305 books. $ 9,731.64
PioneerRachel SowellGet Kids Moving!Rubber animals for classroom playing designed to help students incorporate moderate to vigorous physical activity into their school day. $ 346.98
SearlesJeremy TaylorIXL for Mr. Taylor's 4th Grade ClassImprove math and ELA study through the use of the IXL personalized learning application. Classroom softward license. $ 1,074.00

NHUSD Employees

You can conveniently contribute to scholarships, grants and other Foundation programs by payroll deduction. Donations are tax-deductible and may be directed to one or more of the specific programs. Even small donations add up and make a difference for our students!

Send the completed form to the Payroll Department at the ESC.