Instructions for Students

You may apply for your scholarship funds beginning July 15, 2016. Request award after you have enrolled in a two or four year college or university, or in another accredited program. You must claim your award by February 3, 2017. (No exceptions.)


  • Provide proof of enrollment in school via AwardSpring.
  • Email the Foundation to notify us your documents are in the system.

Detailed instructions:

Use the AwardSpring system to submit the documents required to claim your scholarship funds. This is the same system you used to complete your application.

  • Make sure you have changed your email in AwardSpring to a personal email address. Log in with the email you originally used. Click the drop-down arrow in the upper right hand corner by your current email address, and select Account. Change the email address and hit save.
  • Check your mailing address. Your check will generally be mailed to the address you have in AwardSpring. If your address has changed, update your Application in AwardSpring with the new address. (Note: A few scholarship sponsors request that the funds be sent to your school’s financial aid office.)

When you login, you will see your scholarship(s) listed on your dashboard. Select the scholarship and follow the instructions to upload the documents that prove your current enrollment in school. Acceptable forms of proof are:

  • A copy of your current registration for classes.
  • College student identification card.
  • At least one of the documents must be dated by the school.

** Note that an acceptance letter from a college does not constitute proof of enrollment in classes. You must be registered for classes to claim your award.**

Important: Send an email to the New Haven Schools Foundation to notify us that your documents are in the AwardSpring system. We do not get notified by AwardSpring, so we ask you to do this so you receive your scholarship more quickly. Send it to

It generally takes up to 30 days to process your scholarship request.

If you received an Ohlone Promise scholarship, you will receive additional information from the college to assist you in claiming your benefits. The Ohlone scholarship is not a cash award, so you do not need to submit a claim to the Foundation.

The deadline to claim your scholarships is February 3, 2017. Sorry…No exceptions.