What is the New Haven Schools Foundation?
NHSF was founded in 1981 under the stewardship of the New Haven Unified School District to raise funds for co-curricular and extra-curricular programs for the students of New Haven Unified School District.  In 2007, the Foundation separated from NHUSD to become an independent 501c3 non-profit committed to supporting scholarships, grants for innovation and co-curricular/extra-curricular programs and projects for students attending New Haven Unified schools.

What schools does New Haven Schools Foundation serve?
The New Haven Schools Foundation is committed to serving all students and schools in the New Haven Unified School District.

Who are the New Haven Schools Foundation Board and its volunteers?
The all-volunteer Board of Directors  and Advisory Board consist of parents, District, community, and business representatives.  New Haven Schools Foundation is led by a part-time Executive Director.  In addition the Board is supported by individuals who volunteer for events and projects.

Why do we need an education foundation? 

The purpose of our education foundation is to:

Provide financial support for the public schools of New Haven Unified School whenever, in the judgment of the Board, funding from public sources is inadequate to provide and maintain consistently high quality educational and school activity opportunities for children of the community.
– To act on behalf of the community as an agent for scholarship funding for students of the New Haven Unified School District.

– To provide funding for programs normally provided by the District for which public funding is for any reasons inadequate or unavailable.
– Provide partnerships between the business and the broader community within New Haven School District.

What is the difference between PTA/PSO fundraising and New Haven Schools Foundation?
PTA/PSO organizations work directly with the principal and staff at their local school.  Their purpose is to raise funds that directly impact the education and support resources for their child’s school.  NHSF funding is not limited to one site and can provide funds to help bridge a funding gap at one or more sites.