This award was created to recognize a person or organization that helps students achieve a higher education by providing one or more scholarships to graduating New Haven students.

Art Kuhlmann served on the Board of Directors for New Haven Schools Foundation from 1982 through 2017 and Cheryl taught at Logan High School for 20 years. Since retirement from NHUSD, they volunteered with the New Haven Schools Foundation, and are very generous donors, as well. The Kuhlmann’s received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 when this award was created in their honor.

2017 – Tim and Denise Lawson-Curry

Tim and Denise founded the Lawson-Curry 1983 scholarship to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their graduation from James Logan High School and to establish a legacy for the future. The school’s inspiring teachers, as well as its size and diversity, had a profound effect on their lives and led to successful careers. As of the time this award was bestowed, they had provided at least two $5000 scholarships annually, totaling $51,000 in financial aid to graduating Logan students.