Each year, the New Haven Schools Foundation recognizes an individual and a business that has exceeded all expectations in its support of our programs. The Guy Emanuele Community Service Award and the Tom Kitayama Business Award are high honors, and are named after two of education’s biggest advocates.

The Guy Emanuele Community Service Award

The Guy Emanuele Community Service Award is presented to a person who has devoted extensive amounts of time and resources to the Foundation, in a sustained manner over a number of years.

2016 – Cheryl Kuhlmann

Cheryl taught at Logan High School for more than 20 years, instructing students in French and coaching them on leadership skills, and generally helping to guide students to be their best self. She was well known for designing and building fabulous floats for the Homecoming parade, and brought these skills to the NHSF annual galas. No job was ever too big. Cheryl fosters comradery, and assists wherever help is needed.

2015 – Eileen Riener

Prior to joining the Foundation, Riener was an active volunteer at Eastin Elementary, Alvarado Middle School, and James Logan High School. She joined the New Haven Boosters Association in 2010 to help save enrichment programs in our schools, and continues to be a tireless, dedicated volunteer with NHSF.

2014 – Barbara Aro-Valle

Upon her retirement from her position as Executive Director of the Foundation, Aro-Valle was recognized for over 20 years of involvement with NHSF and in support of students. She served in numerous volunteer capacities, and managed the operations of the Foundation and its programs.

2011 – Jo Baig

Baig has been a Foundation board member for over 30 years. She joined as part of her official capacity as Vice President and Branch Manager for Bank of the West in Union City, and has continued as the board’s Co-Treasurer since she retired. She continues to support NHSF programs and ideals.

2010 – Phil Crosby

Crosby was President of the New Haven Schools Foundation from 2007 through 2010.  He facilitated the regorganization of the Foundation as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. With his strong leadership, the Foundation strengthened its board and embarked on a strategic planning process.

2009 – Art Kuhlmann

Kuhlmann has served on the Foundation board for over 25 years. Art is presently on the board and is a retired employee of the New Haven Unified School District.

The Tom Kitayama Business Service Award

The Tom Kitayama Business Service Award was established in April 2011 to recognize a business in the community that has contributed in-kind donations and/or resources to the Foundation over the years.

2016 – Washington Hospital Healthcare System

Washington Hospital has always been a tremendous supporter of the New Haven Schools Foundation, and 2015 was no exception. They were a sponsor of our annual gala, our scholarship luncheon, our Mutt Strut, and of course, they funded a scholarship for a deserving New Haven student. They take community-mindedness very seriously, and this is evidenced on a daily basis in everything they do.

2015 – Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser has been one of the most consistent corporate sponsors of NHSF for over 10 years. It regularly sponsors events, donates health-related materials for distribution at our programs, and even helped fill a classroom grant request. A Kaiser employee, Rena Cota, served on the NHSF board. Kaiser employees may contribute to NHSF through a payroll deduction program, and have an opportunity to learn about NHSF at Kaiser’s community forums.

2014  – Too Much Fun Club, Inc.

Owner Bridget Russell serves on the board of the Foundation, and is best known for using her magic and resources to make our annual gala our most successful fundraiser. She has chaired numerous events for the youth in our schools, and understands the importance of education and the value of community partnership. Bridget played a critical role in the fundraising drive with the New Haven Boosters Association that netted over $200,000 in 2011-12 to save student activities.

2013  – Fremont Bank

Fremont Bank has been a great business partner and sponsor for the Foundation since its inception in 1981. Accepting for the bank was Hattie Hyman Hughes, Executive Vice President, Nonprofit Group, and President, Fremont Bank Foundation. Community Relations Manager Julie Zhu has served on the NHSF board since 2008, most recently as co-Treasurer.

2012  – Masonic Homes of California

The Masonic Homes is both a landmark in the community and a steadfast supporter of NHSF. As a regular sponsor of many events and activities, the company is most appreciated for hosting our annual Mutt Strut event and welcoming our community to their beautiful property. Masonic Homes has also supported NHSF through facilitation of the strategic planning process.

2011  – Tri-CED Community Recycling

It is impossible to ennumerate the many ways that Tri-CED has supported the Foundation over the years. They offer regular financial support through event sponsorship, provide funding for scholarships, and make many in-kind contributions that help us to minimize expenses. Tri-CED staff, led by CEO Richard Valle and Barbara Aro-Valle, are regular volunteers at Foundaton events.